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WebCam to Video is a freeware web camera utility for Windows
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WebCam to Video is a freeware web camera utility for Windows. It allows you to capture your web camera and save it to a video file, which you can later play on your favorite video player. This is quite a simple application and it serves only one function, so don't get your hopes up.

The first thing that you have to do to start recording is to get the application to display your web camera. I selected my camera and clicked on "Connect", but I got an error message at the first time. Then, though my camera became active, I saw only a part of it. It looked like if zoom was applied to it. I didn't find any settings to fix this. Perhaps it is a bug on my camera drivers, or it isn't simply supported. After you get your camera to work, you can change its resolution, pixel depth and compression from the Format window. If you click on the "Source" button, you will be able to change your web camera settings. Here you can increase or decrease brightness, contrast, etc.

There is a button called "Compression" that should let you select a codec to compress your video. But in the list of available codecs, there was only one, and it read "Full frames (uncompressed)", which isn't much help.

In short, this app lets you record video from your web camera. It works fine if you can get your web camera to display correctly. The app is free, so you can download it and try it without second thoughts.

José Fernández
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  • It works


  • My camera wasn't displayed correctly
  • I didn't have any compression settings available
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